Please note that we are doing our very best to get your order delivered as quickly as possible, however due to the very high volumes, and shortage of stock we can not guarantee any windows, and our shoppers are doing their best to have your groceries delivered to you as quickly as we possibly can. We really appreciate your patience in these unprecedented times. Thank you for your patience with us, and we hope you stay healthy and safe!

1. What is Buggy?

Buggy is a grocery delivery service that fulfils orders in as little as 1 hour! Our in store personnel does the shopping for you – picking and packing your groceries while ensuring the quality and freshness is at its best. Our delivery team picks up and delivers your groceries from your favorite local supermarkets to your home, office or other choice of destination.

2. What stores are supported?

Buggy shops from local stores in your area. Buggy is an independent business (shopping from Sobeys Urban FRESH, FreshCo, Summerhill Market, Coppa’s Fresh Market, Costco, LCBO & Others), and is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by retailers mentioned on this website.

3. Do you serve my area?

Buggy currently delivers in Toronto (as well as the Greater Toronto Area), Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. We're also rapidly expanding, so sign up with your postal code to let us know where you want to see Buggy next!

About Buggy

1. How fast do you deliver?

Buggy delivers the same-day, or in as little as 1 hour, and in as little as 30 minutes from C-Stores! Customers can choose to have their delivery scheduled the same day as well as up to 30 days in advance, or as per the customer’s convenience. Please note that we do not guarantee the delivery window selected, and may have delivery delays due to weather conditions, traffic and or any other unforeseen reasons. We do our very best to meet the specified window requested, and ensure that we do our very best to communicate with each and every customer, as well as be on time.

2a. How much does delivery cost?

Grocery Stores
No minimum purchase required. Delivery fees may vary depending on the stores you shop from. Grocery store delivery fees are $5.99 plus a personal shopper Picking fee depending on the size of the order.

2b. LCBO & Beer Store (Ontario) - $5.99 Delivery Fee, Picking and Bottling fee depending on the size of the order. 

BC Liquor Stores (British Columbia) - $5.99 Delivery Fee, Picking and Bottling fee depending on the size of the order. 

VUSE - Up to $9.99.

Through Buggy, you must be of legal drinking age, and you must accept delivery in person. At the time of delivery you must show a valid government issued ID to the driver in order to verify your age. We will accept a government-issued Photo ID (BYID - Age of Majority Card). The driver will not deliver the alcohol if you are unable to comply with these rules. Once the order is delivered to a person of legal age, who shows a valid form of ID, and agrees to the terms and conditions of use, it is that individuals responsibility to not share the alcohol order with any others who are underage. Please ensure that you have your government-issued photo ID ready for age verification at delivery. Failure to provide valid government-issued photo ID will result in forfeit of the alcohol delivery order, and a return delivery charge of $14.99 may be charged.

3. What are your hours?

We deliver from 9am to 10pm Monday through Friday, and 9am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, depending on local store hours. During holidays, our delivery hours may vary based on the store hours. You can view available delivery times for your area on the top right side of the store page (Header). Simply click on Delivery Calendar.

4. What about produce?

We’re just as picky as you are! Our trained staff are very meticulous, and experts at picking and packing your produce and other perishables. You can request the ripeness you'd like by adding a note to any item in order to customize or make any special requests. Buggy also  carries a 'freshness guarantee' and pays close attention to the expiry dates, selecting the longest expiry date when choosing particular items.

5. Where do products sold by Buggy come from?

Products come from your local grocery stores in your city/area. Buggy is an independent business that has relationships and also shops from Sobeys Urban FRESH, FreshCo, Summerhill Market, Coppa’s Fresh Market, Costco, LCBO & others but is not affiliated with the stores listed on its platform.

Inventory and Prices

1. What if an item I want is not available on your site?

If you want something that is not in our inventory just create a special request – or add a note, and we’ll do our best to get it for you. We keep track of your special requests, so we can keep adding your favorite products to our inventory, and ensure that you get the most out of shopping with Buggy. We do not currently offer deliveries for non-grocery goods such as tobacco products or other items you would not typically find at your local grocery store. We do however offer pet food and other pet supplies. Live animals are not available for purchase, including feeder animals. 

2. What happens when something is out of stock?

When something is out of stock at the store, we do our best to offer you a replacement, substituting it with something similar. During checkout, you can choose specific replacements for any item, or ask for no replacement of an item. If you allow it, we will call you from the store to confirm the replacement items available. If we can’t reach you, and can not find a suitable substitute, the item will be marked off as out of stock, and you will not be charged for it.

3. Are your prices different from the store?

3a. Pricing and availability can change without notice. All items displayed are pre-tax, per unit and or weight, and based on available data feeds - subject to any delays and or errors. Buggy is not affiliated to or associated with any in store pricing policies, promotions or sales. If you notice items that you believe are priced incorrectly or unfairly, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We reserve the right to cancel any items that are priced incorrectly due to error.

3b. Please note that your final order amount may be adjusted once it is shopped due to lower or higher store pricing, and any out of stock items. You will receive an updated invoice once a shopper fulfills your order.

4. Do you honor in-store sales or coupons?

The prices you see in our inventory are our own. We are not always able to honor in-store sales and coupons. However, we do frequently have our own sales and promotions. Sign up for our email updates to see what promotions and items are currently on sale. Any promotions and or Coupons are not valid towards any Costco, LCBO and alcohol purchases.

About My Order

1. How do I check on the status of my order?

You can view the status of your order by clicking the link in your Order Confirmation email, or by going to ‘My Account’ and checking your order status. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

2. How do I make a change to my order?

If your Shopper has not started working on your order, you can modify or edit your order. You can find these options on the Order Status page under ‘My Account’, or simply contact us at help@buggy.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

3. What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your delivery for a full refund up until we start shopping for your order, about 2 hours before your scheduled delivery time. After that, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $10.

4. What if I have to reschedule or cancel my order after it's already on the way?

If you must cancel your order during the shopping or delivery process, your order total will be refunded to your Buggy account as a credit for your next order. If you are unreachable at the time of delivery, we may cancel your order on your behalf and charge a $15 fee.

5. How do I report a problem with my order?

If you have a problem with your order, please tell us right away. You can email us at help@buggy.ca, and one of our customer support representatives will look after your concerns immediately!

6. When will I receive my refund?

Refunds may typically take up to 7 business days to process. In some cases your bank may adjust the original charge amount instead of displaying a separate refund. Please also note that your credit card is not charged until the order has been delivered, and is only pre-authorized at the time of making your purchase.

7. How do I review my receipt?

You may review your receipts by going into your account and viewing it there. We also email you an electronic copy of your receipt the very same day.

8. How do I return my Buggy bags?

You don’t. Feel free to use them as you wish.

9. How do I return items?

We do not currently support a return process for any items you may have accidentally purchased via Buggy. You are more than welcome to coordinate any issues directly with our customer service department. Keep in mind that we do keep the in-store receipts for accounting purposes, and may credit your account for future purchases on a case by case basis. If something seems off with your order, such as a missing item or an incorrect item delivered, please reach out to our customer support department by emailing us directly.

10. Why is my card authorized for more than my order total?

Buggy temporarily authorizes your card for slightly more than your order total. As soon as your order is complete, we charge your card for exactly what was delivered. Your bank will update the final charge on your statement in 3 - 7 business days after delivery. The temporary authorization is typically for 10% more than the order total. It helps account for charges like final sales tax, tips and items sold by weight. If your final order total exceeds the authorization amount there may be second charge for the difference. You can see all charges reflected at the bottom of your receipt, which is available after delivery.

Buggy Shoppers

1. Who will deliver my order?

Your grocery order will be delivered by a screened and professionally trained Buggy Delivery Personnel.

2. Should I tip my Personal Shopper?

Tips are not required, but Shoppers appreciate recognition of their hard work. Shoppers receive the entire amount of your tip. You can tip using your credit card during checkout or after delivery.

3. How do I add a tip for my shopper?

There are two ways to tip your Buggy shopper: 
1. During checkout. Once you start checkout, you'll have the option to select a tip on the Payments page.
2. In cash when your order is delivered. Since 100% of the tips go to your Buggy shopper, feel free to tip them in cash when they drop off your order.

Contact Us

I have more questions!

We're happy to answer any other questions you may have! Simply email us at help@buggy.ca, and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

No minimum purchase required. Delivery fees may vary depending on the stores you shop from. Grocery store delivery fees are $5.99 plus a personal shopper Picking fee depending on the size of the order.