About Us

Buggy enables you to order groceries and essentials in as fast as 15 minutes. Order from the Buggy Store on the app or online and save 25%+, get it in as fast as 15 minutes and we never substitute, ever. In addition to the Buggy Stores, you can choose from many other stores based on your location - including for grocery & alcohol that fulfills & delivers your orders in as little as 1 hour. When we shop in 3rd party stores, our personal shoppers do the grocery shopping for you, picking, packing and delivering your groceries, while ensuring that the quality and freshness is the very best.

Founded in 2014 by Julian Gleizer and his wife Julie Gleizer, who were inspired to get a club soda to his ailing father quickly, the company became a leading grocery shopping and delivery business for Canadians from coast to coast, University students to seniors, particularly during the height of the Covid pandemic. Julian sadly passed away in 2021 and the team continues to work very hard, motivated by their desire to see Julian’s vision through. In the summer of 2022, Buggy started opening its very own stores (ie. “the Buggy Stores”). In these stores, we source all of our food and essentials at wholesale prices, enabling us to charge approximately 25% less than other stores on the Buggy app. In addition, we have a live feed to every item and the quantities in each Buggy store at all time, so we will never substitute an item or call you to confirm! Our couriers are also full time, waiting at the Buggy stores for your order, so they can get to you as quickly as 15 minutes - just check the time it quotes on the app and we will strive to come in within that window.


Akram Hasanov, Chief Operating Officer
Benjamin Jones, Director of Partnerships and Business Development
Lauren Judson, Marketing Manager
Melissa Gallagher, Chief Revenue Officer
Nicole Verkindt, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Moussatov, Operations Manager
Taylor Smith, Chief Financial Officer